Culture Mile projects

Both have been reported by the EC1 Echo, and Culture Mile has commissioned short video reports.

News on the March

Through a digital map and series of oral history recordings, artist Eloise Hawser is tracing the histories of newspaper production and circulation in Square Mile. Tracking the ebbs and flows of journalists, printers, distributors, and readers across the last 250 years, Eloise will be talking to public librarians to discuss the role of libraries in disseminating the news, past and present. These will be available to download via her digital map, free to Square Mile residents and visitors.

The Echo featured Eloise in a lead story in February

EC1 Echo front page story

Clerkenwell has long been an inky place. Home to three national newspapers and several magazines – including Samuel Johnson’s old employer The Gentleman Magazine, said to be the first magazine in the world – it was once full of printers, some of whom remain. It is also a short stride from Fleet Street in the City of London, the fabled exepicentre of British newspapers, where the alleys leading from Holborn were home to the industry.

Now artist Eloise Hawser is mining that rich history, which would have once seen the streets teeming with messengers, journalists and newspaper sellers barking their wares. A newspaper lover and collector, Eloise is creating a digital walk and interactive map showing the history of newspaper production and circulation in the area navigating the journalists, printers, distributors, and readers of the 250 years, under the title News on the March.

Read the story here.

London Walled City

The London Wall has shaped our city for nearly 2000 years. This project will look at its history, changing appearance, impact on the City, relationship with nearby buildings and those who live and work in the area through a series of prints, animations and guided tours.

Paul Lincoln already has a fascinating site and initial map for his project, together with a display of his prints. Paul explains:

London Walled City will look at the history of the wall, its constantly changing appearance, its impact on its neighbourhood, its relationship with nearby buildings old and new and its role in enclosing [or maybe liberating] those who live and work nearby.

As a City of London guide and a printmaker, this project will bring together a long-standing interest in talking about the City of London with my experience of printmaking and animation. London Walled City will engage audiences in the history of the Wall and its contemporary impact on London.

London Walled City project

London Walled City map

Project videos