EC1 ideas

Latest - how about Platinum Jubilee Walks

Articles in the EC1 Echo August/September 2021 edition about River Fleet and New River walks (pages 13/14) set me thinking about how maps developed so far could support these and other trails. In particular, how to get some momentum behind the idea of creating trails - and how to connect trails on-the-ground with online content?

A stimulating chat with Des Garrahan, who is developing the River Fleet Walk, helped spark several linked ideas:

  • Connect with the Transport for London Walk London programme, to see if they are interested in supporting walks from the new stations for Crossrail.

  • 2022 is Platinum Jubilee Year. Draw inspiration from the 1977 Silver Jubilee Walkway - now further developed by TFL - and the 1977 Clerkenwell Discovery trail, and propose a new programme of Jubilee Walks.

  • Explore whether it would be possible to use QR codes on lamp-posts, in windows and elsewhere to so walkers could use their smartphones to access more information about key features on the walks

Those ideas are developed further on the Jubilee Walks page.

David Wilcox

Exploring on three fronts

The maps and information sheets created so far in the Exploring EC1 project are an exploration on three fronts:

  • Content: to find out about the past, present and future of the area. Here's the exploration so far

  • Tools: to experiment with different mapping and information methods - more here about the mapping system

  • Connections and collaboration: to see who else is already exploring EC1, and might be interested in sharing ideas and content. As a start, I'll be listing EC1 Resources

Further development

There's lots more places to be added to Maphub, and scope for adding more records to Humap, together with articles and people.

South Holland Heritage is an inspiration for what can be done with Maphub, and Islington Pride is a great demonstration of the potential of Humap. Both have examples of how to create trails, linking records.

The earlier Clerkenwell Commons site demonstrates a map and gallery based on Mike Franks 1977 heritage trail. We could develop that further on the new maps.

There's enormous scope for featuring maps and news about the new Museum of London and other Smithfield plans Peter Bill reported in the Echo last year, as well as providing links to the many excellent walks highlighted in this article.

The Museum and Culture Mile are committed to a range of education and community engagement programmes that could be linked to EC1 maps. More here on Culture Mile projects.

My vision, sparked by discussion with Mike Franks in 2019 , and more recently with Echo editor Oliver Bennett and the editorial group, is that we might develop a community platform for conversation and collaboration in EC1 combining print, maps and online communication. For me that provides a local focus for work I've done with Drew Mackie and others exploring London as a more Networked City.