Jubilee Walks

Here's some personal ideas on how we might use the Queen's 2022 Platinum Jubilee as an occasion to explore how maps, walks and stories could benefit EC1 residents, businesses and visitors. I've developed three linked stories, built up from content on this site and elsewhere, and used the Wakelet app to embed them below. All ideas subject to discussion with those mentioned.

Maps for EC1

The trails suggested here can be created by further development of the work described on this page - Maps and stories for past, present and future. Below are the two main maps developed so far.


Maphub is a free/low cost system that offers improvements on marker-based Google My Maps. Click map above to open the EC1 example. More here on Maphub pricing.


Humap is a sophisticated storymapping system used for the Layers of London project. Click map to open the EC1 example. More here for Humap examples and pricing.

The ideas in summary

  • Take inspiration from the 1977 London-wide Silver Jubilee Walkway, and 1977 Clerkenwell Discovery Trail, to develop new trails in EC1 in 2022 - using the digital technology that we now have available.

  • Create two main north and south trails from Farringdon Station, into Clerkenwell and the City. The opening of Crossrail will make this the most accessible place in London.

  • Add branching trails could lead people to shops, pubs and community projects as well as heritage sites.

  • Support people in creating their own trails, and mark trails with QR codes so people can easily access more information on their phones.

  • By creating an events page for guided walks we could bring together official and informal ways for people to learn, share and chat.

  • We could also bring together information about events, online and in-person - that are currently on many different websites. We could run some online talks and regular chat sessions.

  • Above all we could use the print and social media to celebrate how people, community groups and businesses in EC1 have proved resilient through the pandemic and are creating new opportunities.

The main story: inspiration from 1977 on how to explore EC1 in 2022

Click on the box below and scroll to view: The history of two trails in 1977 ... recreating the Clerkenwell Discovery Trail ... ideas for Clerkenwell Commons ... support from the Peel Institute ... exploring different mapping tools ... maps, talks and stories for the 2022 Jubilee. View this story directly here.

Jubilee walks 1977 - 2022

Click on the box below and scroll to view how the 1977 Jubilee Walkway developed to become the capital's most popular walking trail, and the addition of the Jubilee Greenway. Ideas for Jubilee walks in 2022. View this story directly here.

QR codes and trails

Click on the box below and scoll: what QR codes are, and how they can be used. View this story directly here.