Mapping system

How the system of maps and information sheets works

David Wilcox

The EC1 exploration project began through development of maps in Clerkenwell, starting in 2018.  Since then I've explored, with Daniel Wilcox, various mapping systems to see which is most appropriate for walks, heritage sites and other points of interest. Each location on the maps has text, and image and links to Wikipedia or the location website. 

Places, themes and stories

There’s only so much information you can put into a marker on a map - and many organisations and activities are not specific to a location. I’ve experimented with different ways to add more, described below. This includes linked information sheets, and curating EC1 Echo stories.

Adding links to markers

Here's what shows when you click on the marker for the Museum of the Order of St John on Maphub, or the item in the list of locations on the right of the map

Each map marker has basic information, links to a website (where available), an information sheet link, and geographic location using What3Words. Clicking that link gives a precise geographic location.

The place-related information sheets contain further links, and where available an extract from Chris Walker’s  101 moderately interesting facts about Clerkenwell (thanks Chris). I've also created a separate group in the right-hand list for Clerkenwell 101 places.

Use of video

In some locations - like St John's Priory Church Gardens - I've added video.  In the  example below it is a 360 photo converted to video - but it could also be an ordinary video, or Google Streetview.

Storing map information

All the map information is stored in Airtable, which is a combined spreadsheet and database. That makes it easier to manage and view the additional information in the markers, without clicking through the map. It also makes it possible to display information as a gallery - below right. 

Airtable grid - view here

Airtable gallery - view here

Places, themes and story listings

I’ve created an index for the information sheets linked to map markers, and also organised stories from the EC1 Echo into themes - e.g. arts, community, eating and drinking - with some content from elsewhere.

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