Exploring and engaging in EC1

Maps and stories for past, present and future

These pages will report an exploration into how we can use different forms of mapping and storytelling to help residents, workers and visitors engage with a particularly interesting area of central London - Clerkenwell, and the City of London's stretch from Smithfield to St Pauls. The area offers:

The past

  • Heritage sites including London's oldest church and hospital, the historic home of the Knights of St John, and the 14th century Charterhouse.

  • Pioneering modernist housing and health centre from the 1930s

  • Clerkenwell Green, venue for radical meetings of Lollards, Chartists and communists over 500 years, and now home to Marx Memorial Library.

  • Smithfield Meat Market, with an 800-year history, adjacent to the site of burnings and executions of Protestant and Catholic martyrs, and that of "Braveheart" Sir William Wallace. This is also where Wat Tyler, leader of the 1381 Peasants' Revolt met King Richard and was killed after a fight with the Lord Mayor of London.

The present

  • The Barbican Arts Centre, the Museum of London, and a host of other venues and activities form the City of London's Culture Mile.

  • The Goldsmith's Centre offers free exhibitions by top craftspeople.

  • Clerkenwell's cafes, pubs and restaurants of a wide range of eating, drinking and entertainment.

  • The Peel Institute, committed to building a more connected Clerkenwell through a range of activities, projects and team of community organisers.

  • The EC1Echo, supported by the Peel and published by Social Spider, provides news, features, photos and listings in print and online connecting Clerkenwell and City

  • The development of Barts Square, soth of Smithfield on the site of former hospital buildings, has created a new residential community with cafes and restaurants.

The future

  • Smithfield Market will move to Barking, and the Museum of London will develop a new Museum in West Smithfield.

  • The former market buildings will house a rich mix of retail, food and drink, crafts and performances

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