Exploring EC1

Exploring EC1 through maps and stories

David Wilcox

The EC1 project is exploring how maps, apps and stories can help residents, businesses and visitors explore and engage with the past, present and future of Farringdon and Clerkenwell.


We are collaborating with the Footways project to experiment with different types of maps showing quiet and interesting routes in Clerkenwell and City of London.

See On this site below for work so far

Maps and trails for history and health

There's a lot of great self-guided walks in Clerkenwell and the City to explore our heritage, and enjoy quiet and healthy streets - but information is spread widely. I'm pulling it together with the free Wakelet bookmarking tool. Follow links below. Please get in touch if you have ideas to share. David Wilcox david@socialreporter.com

On this site

Go directly to the maps and information sheets

I'm currently using two mapping systems - Maphub and Humap. Click on the images below to open interactive maps in another window.


Maphub is a free/low cost system that offers improvements on marker-based Google My Maps. Click map above to open the EC1 example.


Humap is a sophisticated storymapping system used for the Layers of London project, and Islington Pride. Click map above to open the EC1 example.

Information sheets

I've linked markers on the maps to more detailed information sheets, and also curated stories from the EC1 Echo. Currently these information sheets are hosted in Dropbox Paper, because it is easy to add images and video, edit and update. I'm exploring other options